Getting to Know You! Getting to Hope You Like Me



14229  Sally

Hi – I’m an Aspiring Novelist Writer and a good one, I’m told. But, writing for public consumption is pretty much like rocket science, Up-In-The-Air. And, for some, the ‘air’ is thin up there. I’m not one of those. I stay close to mother earth.

My personal interests are eclectic: From dog training to the String Theory. That means there’s a laundry list of stuff in between that meanders around and ranges about a country mile across the landscape via the clothes line penned with Stickies on my Mac.

What’s first on that interest list right now? Finishing my first fiction novel. Working title is Lydia’s Revenge (subject to change). I have the plot and the characters in rough outline and the first two chapters (subject to change called, in writer jargon,  ‘first draft’ which means I will likely be required to rewrite this novel 3 or 4 times before it’s ‘ready’ for publication. Writing is not a lazy bones’ occupation).

I’m going to submit bits and pieces of this heartbreaking work of staggering genius in this blog as I journey forward. If you like or dislike a character, tell me why. (Please, trolls are not comedians in makeup. They live in caves with bats in their belfry)

I’ll be back in about a week with the first excerpt from Lydia’s Revenge. Keep the faith.




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