Temper Tantrums and Politics



It isn’t good manners to show one’s temper when it comes to politics, but sometimes being cool just isn’t when it’s a mom and a grand mom who freaks out at the “freaks out” politicians at the state capitol in Austin, TX. and in Washington D.C.. I have a right to lose my temper when the gun lobbyists and businesses and the neanderthals they represent have lost their freakin’ minds.

IOW, what is this political Shinola with politicians allowing kids to bring guns to school? And, not just guns, but combat assault weapons! Where do those who are elected to protect all of us draw the Constitutional line on those who deliberately set out to kill the rest of us? How many children, not to mention teachers, have to die to make the case that unfettered gun laws are insane?

There have been 74 shootings in schools across our nation in the last year! Where is the outrage from those who claim they are “pro life” and “anti-death penalty” who thumb their noses at the MORAL principle of LIFE, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness?

Mothers (and like minded Dads) of America:  Lose your temper and take back your power to protect our children from those who prize their fancy guns over the lives of our babies. This September, UNITE AND VOTE THEM OUT!!!! Let God speak through our outrage.


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